Kid Next Door Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Kid Next Door voice for your voice over project.

Have a project that would benefit from a kid coming from an uncomplicated, middle-class life? Then check out our selection of kid next door voices with reads so down-to-earth you'll hear yourself muttering 'Aw shucks!" in no time!

Info for Kid Next Door voice Voice-overs

There's a lot to be said for the simple pleasures and charms of life removed from the hustle and bustle, all the hoity-toity mess of big city livin' and its haughty overtones. Kid next door voices embody the simple allure of an uncomplicated lifestyle, with a friendly, approachable, uncluttered approach that's as laid-back as it is charming. And there are also many kid next door types as well, ranging from that easygoing teenager that's always shaking their head in disbelief at their friends' antics, to the take-no-prisoners, tell-it-like-it-is regular kids who won't have anyone trying to bring their complicated nonsense into their life. Whatever your approach, rest assured, you're going to find the perfect kid next door voices here, no two ways about it.

When can you use a Kid Next Door voice over?

It's safe to say that audiences will always have room in their hearts for regular guys. Whether the hero of your story is an out-of-their-depth Marty McFly type (or Tom Holland if you're a Centennial, we love him too) trying to adjust to extraordinary circumstances, or the next-door neighbor who's just fed up with the protagonist's constant antics. Or maybe you just need the perfect, Platonic ideal of a regular kid voice. Rest assured, our pros are ready to give it their all to get you a pitch-perfect performance every time.

What makes the perfect Kid Next Door voice?

Casual, unhurried, good-natured, uncomplicated.