Leprechaun Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Leprechaun voice for your voice over project.

Mysterious and whimsical, leprechaun voices are inexplicable. Leprechauns are creatures from Irish folklore, something akin to elves or goblins. As fun-loving creatures, one can say the voice of a leprechaun is energetic and bubbly, just as high-spirited as they are.

Info for Leprechaun voice Voice-overs

Does your script involve folklore characters, that of Irish myths to be precise? In that case, you probably need leprechaun voices to fulfill one of the roles. One of the important characters in Irish legends, a leprechaun is a supernatural being known for mischief. Often confused with imps who are just as naughty, leprechauns look like tiny bearded men guarding a pot of gold hidden at the end of a rainbow. A magical creature with a treasure is quite an interesting character that a voice actor can easily voice over.

When can you use a Leprechaun voice over?

Where can you use leprechaun voices? In stories – fantasy young adult books, modern retelling of fairy tales, anything related to the supernatural. This voice is also sometimes used in video games, cartoons, animation, and other similar projects. If you are telling a story with magical characters, it’s more than likely that you’ll use this tone of voice. Although you can never actually know how leprechaun voices sound like, a skilled voice actor can help you craft a fanciful voice for your script.

What makes the perfect Leprechaun voice?

As a creature known for mischief, leprechaun voices are typically said to be upbeat. The tone of the voice beats from an accented to unaccented one, playful and rascally. The pitch rises and falls, calling your attention for its melodious quality with a little bit of teasing tone.