Mad Scientist Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Mad Scientist voice for your voice over project.

Need a voice that always seem like they're stuck in their lab coming up with another crazy contraption, or some compound that seems to bend the laws of space and time? Then check out our selection of mad scientist voices!

Info for Mad Scientist voice Voice-overs

Does your script call for a Doc Brown (or Rick Sanchez) type that can cook up the craziest schemes and contraptions? The perfect mad scientist voice has that crazy, wild-eyed appeal that fits both heroic, upstanding — but eccentric — protagonists or allies, to nefarious, archvillain-type evil geniuses who use their creations for personal gain or greedy, evil ends.

When can you use a Mad Scientist voice over?

The crazy scientist is a staple of film, television, animation, and video games. Whether it's the lovable, lanky best friend of the protagonist who comes up with crazy time-travelling schemes, or the misunderstood professor who always seems to be one "Mwahahaha!" away from blowing up the world, our excellent pool of mad scientist voices will instantly breathe life into your vision. Have a commercial or ad that calls for the perfect mad scientist delivery while they come up with some improbable new invention? No problem!

What makes the perfect Mad Scientist voice?

Affable, but wild and out-of-control. Mad scientist voices leave no doubt as to their extreme intelligence, but also their unabashed creativity and ambition. They may not fit squarely within the confines of society, what with their bug-eyed monologuing and sped-up cadence, but even evil geniuses have their fair share of charm.