Nerd Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Nerd voice for your voice over project.

Everyone has that one friend that knows a little too much about every random topic. They may not have the oversized glasses or the baggy, colorful yet plain clothes associated with geeks, but will interject every conversation with a "You know…" then give detailed information on things that you would not have bothered to know with a somewhat annoying nerd voice.

Info for Nerd voice Voice-overs

From mad scientists, geeky high schoolers with braces, to Tony Stark-Esque billionaires, there have always been different representations of nerds in movies and films. The nerd voice represents their shared character of spitting out unrequited knowledge on every random topic. They tend to explain everything in great detail as everyone waits to shout "Nerd!!' when they finish talking.

When can you use a Nerd voice over?

When it comes to tech, customers expect nerd voices to get them through the specs and information to enable them to make a choice on the device to buy. The voice is, therefore, perfect for tech advertising. For tech and futuristic publications, blogs, and YouTube videos, this voice can be very useful to pull in the audience. It is also used for movies and animations to portray geeks.

What makes the perfect Nerd voice?

A stereotypical nerd voice is soft, reserved, and nasally congested. Think of a plain, somewhat robotic voice that sounds as though the person is talking through their nose. Today, however, the nerds' reflection in movies and films are of confident, knowledgeable, and rich tech billionaires, who would know their way around any machine.

Other info for Nerd voice overs

Nerd culture is growing all around, and finding a voice that can speak to this growing market can be valuable.