Newscaster Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Newscaster voice for your voice over project.

This is the attention getting, objective voice that gives us the information we need to know. Newscaster voices are clear, to the point, and they get the job done. No messing around here. When you need to find just the right newscaster voice, we've got them.

Info for Newscaster voice Voice-overs

Newscaster voices are the ones that make people stop and pay attention. From the early broadcast days to today, these voices are clear, sharp, neutral and tell the facts, just the facts. A newscaster voice can share information on the weather or the pandemic, space exploration or riots. They even can keep their emotions out of the worst of stories.

When can you use a Newscaster voice over?

Of course, if you are sharing news, a newscaster voice is perfect. Your audience will tune in and pay attention. Newscaster voices also have a knack to get to the bottom of things so if you have an interview or a report on something like a true crime podcast, a newscaster voice is a good way to go. Remember, they're not just for news. You may want this type of voice when you want your audience to make their own judgments and decisions.

What makes the perfect Newscaster voice?

Newscaster voices are characteristically clear and neutral. Usually they lack any type of accent or dialect and just speak in that midwestern tone of neutrality. You won't find filler words here or awkward pauses, even in awkward moments. The voice is nicely paced and has a neutral pitch. Newscaster voices are unoffensive, neutral, and controlled.

Other info for Newscaster voice overs

Once the traditional newscaster voice was a man's voice, but now we see plenty of women sharing the news and important global stories. Don't be limited to a guy with a newscaster voice, a female voice may be the one you really want.