Ninja Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Ninja voice for your voice over project.

Do you need a stealthy voice that will sneak in when it's dark and dispatch all enemies without alerting a soul? Then check out our awesome selection of ninja voices that will quietly — very quietly — make an impression.

Info for Ninja voice Voice-overs

Ninjas are awesome, and no one's questioning that. These quasi-mystical stealth warriors originated in Feudal Japan, and may have existed as early as the 12th century. They specialized in covert operations , and were equally proficient in martial arts, swordfighting, and the stealth arts, all integrated under the martial art/discipline of ninjutsu. Ninjas are very popular in modern media, and they can be seen in either very historically-accurate representations, or as almost a shorthand for "awesome cloaked martial arts dude." Whether you're looking for a more serious take, or have a script that calls for a take closer to Naruto, oiur awesome pool of actors and actresses is ready to provide the perfect read.

When can you use a Ninja voice over?

Ninjas are very popular in TV, movies, animation, and videogames. Whether it's low-profile, low-key characters like the ninjas found in The Last Samurai, or all-out protagonists like in the Tenchu or Sekiro video games, ninjas tend to sound serious, honor-bound, and sneaky — characters like Batman embody a more Westernized take on this trope. While ninja voices are especially great for action heroes (or baddies!), they've also been used extensively in ads, often as ways to humorously subvert their super-serious image and play them for laughs.

What makes the perfect Ninja voice?

Serious, focused, gritty, and all about honor. While ninja voices generally aren't very loud (for obvious reasons), they are known for a war cry or two when the action breaks out. Also, they are frequently voiced by actors with a Japanese accent.