Old Lady Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Old Lady voice for your voice over project.

We all love our grandmas with her soft, calming, and sometimes shaky voice. Old lady voices are slow-paced and straightforward, sometimes a bit confused. But no matter what, it's the voice that reminds you of childhood. It melts the heart when you remember it, even when your grandma is a little mean.

Info for Old Lady voice Voice-overs

Is the unique voice of an old lady what you need for your script? Well, what kind of grandma's voice? Old lady voices can be sweet, angry, warm, or bitingly cold. Some grandmas crush you in their arms with a hug while others aren't shy to tell off any hooligans around. No matter the kind of old lady you need for your project, skilled voice actors can deliver. Their experience, vocal range, and perfect delivery ensure you get the old lady voices you need for your script.

When can you use a Old Lady voice over?

Old lady voices are character voice style ideal to use in stories, films, audiobooks, cartoons, and similar projects. If your script includes a grandma or an older woman, you can use this vocal style. You can use it for character demos, ads, and even commercials, especially for non-profits and charities for seniors.

What makes the perfect Old Lady voice?

There are all kinds of old lady voices. When grumpy, the voice is harsh and mean. It cuts sharp with a scratchy tone. Other times, an older woman's tone is lower than a typical girl. Slow and a little shaky, they take time to finish their words. But the best old woman voice is warm and melodious, like the voice of the grandma you love.