Old Man Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Old Man voice for your voice over project.

Shaky and wavery, the words often coming out in a stutter – old man voices are like this. They’re slow-paced and gravelly, sometimes rough. But even with a harsh voice, it has a calming quality to it. With the voice of someone we respect, your audience can’t help but take a moment to listen.

Info for Old Man voice Voice-overs

When you need the voice of an older man in your script, you need professional voice talents. Old man voices have drastically different vocal quality and pitch than your normal man. Not an easy vocal style to mimic, it’s only skilled voice actors that can craft a believable one. Old man voices are great for various projects. A rugged voice for your latest ad campaign is a great way to attract a specific audience. Make that happen by hiring the best voice-over actors capable of delivering a memorable performance.

When can you use a Old Man voice over?

There’s a good audience that appreciates old man voices. If your target demographic is older men, it’s the right voice style to use. It’s useful in capturing their attention, thanks to grandpa’s calming pace. Among the projects you can use this voice include audiobooks, video games, advertisements, movies, and cartoons. The medical and healthcare industries especially need old man voices to reach out to their aging male customers.

What makes the perfect Old Man voice?

Most old man voices are gruff. The pitch and voice quality has now turned low, and the pace is slow as well. But there are still older men with bright and soft voices. Even when their age is already catching up to them, their voices retain youthfulness to everyone’s envy.