Parrot Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Parrot voice for your voice over project.

Are they entertaining or annoying? Few people know! Parrot voices are the true definition of beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder because you either love them or you don't. How can one voice sound so intelligent yet so stupid at the same time? And most importantly, what’s up with the mimicky tone?

Info for Parrot voice Voice-overs

It's the sound you make when you are singing your happy song in the shower; sometimes, it's a mix of trills and gurgles but other times its squawks and whistles. The one constant feature of the parrot voices though, is that they sound musical and sometimes high-pitched. If you listen carefully, you can almost hear the clicking sounds that come with a heavy tongue.

When can you use a Parrot voice over?

Parrot voices are common in comedies, adventure films, and animations. They are fun and playful but can sometimes be used to irritate, especially when used to mimic a character or to laugh at them.

What makes the perfect Parrot voice?

These voices have a very distinct tongue clicking sound and are often repetitive. Sometimes the parrot voices will crackle, as though they know something you don't, but there are times when they are quirky and purry. A low guttural growl in this voice can be used to display extreme anger. Their high-pitched tone is especially irritating when used to laugh or shriek.

Other info for Parrot voice overs

Parrot voices have a wide array of tones, all of which are chatty and loud (the kind that get you wondering, ‘when will they shut up!?”) However, when the voices are used in moderation, they can be funny and entertaining.