Pilot Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Pilot voice for your voice over project.

You may not admit it, but the all-too-familiar pilot voices that greet you when you board a plane are comforting. Yes, flying can be scary, but can you imagine traveling without hearing 'Ladies and gentlemen. Good Morning and welcome aboard! This is your captain speaking…" It would be kind of weird...and frankly, a little frightening.

Info for Pilot voice Voice-overs

Sometimes pilot voices are cool and reassuring. The kind of voices you need to calm your demons in the air. They can also take the form of a panicking SOS call from fighter pilots in distress that causes fluttering in your lower abdomen.

When can you use a Pilot voice over?

Pilot voices are most common in war-related video games. They are thrilling and give the player a sense of achievement. They are also common in documentaries and in action movies. They are the reason you know that 'Mayday' is a call for help on radio communications.

What makes the perfect Pilot voice?

It can be the smooth, articulate, and reassuring voice meant to comfort, but a pilot voice can also be the extremely distorted voice meant to serve as a cry for help. These voices are distinct and different based on the prevailing situation.

Other info for Pilot voice overs

Pilot voices often sound as though they are read from a thorough and well-rehearsed script to ensure the full message is passed along fluently. Due to the diverse nature of the audience that pilots serve, these voices are meant to be as neutral as possible, so they adopt what is considered to be the most neutral accent; the Upper Midwestern accent.