Pirate Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Pirate voice for your voice over project.

How fun are pirate voices? Aye, we all love a good one, don't we, Mateys? When you are need of a great pirate voice, look no farther than the swarthy decks of our talented artists. Pirates wouldn't be pirates without their fun, characteristic voices that are usually a little overexaggerated, and well, over done. But that's what makes a great one, and, me buccaneers, you'll love the results you get.

Info for Pirate voice Voice-overs

Johnny Depp set the bar with Jack Sparrow. Everyone loves pirate voices. They're fun and witty and a bit nonsensical, so when your voiceover calls for a pirate voice, go all out. No one wants to listen to an understated pirate! When you need a pirate voice, find the perfect one full of ahoys and ayes and just the right lilt to bring wonder and fun to your piece.

When can you use a Pirate voice over?

When you are depicting a pirate, you need a convincing pirate voice to carry out your characterization. Maybe no one really knows what an authentic pirate voice actually is, but we all know what we love. We want the voice to bring the character to life, to see him swashbuckle and hornswaggle, and feel the splash of the sea as someone walks the plank. The pirate voice can do this for your characters and do this for your audience. Don't skimp here, a pirate's not a pirate without his pirate speak.

What makes the perfect Pirate voice?

Where to we start? Pirate voices are full of characterizable lingo and its own vocabulary. You'll have your high or low voices and those full of confidence and power or those who buckle to others. Don't forget our lady pirates, either. In this case, the voice has a wide range, but it needs those characteristic words, lilts, pauses, and puns. Have fun with your pirate voices and complete your characters with them.