Poet Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Poet voice for your voice over project.

Ahhh, the voice of a poet. Rich, expressive, flowery like the words it speaks. If your piece needs poet voices, let us help you find just the right one. Whether you want lyrical and airy or angry and beatnik, your piece deserves the best of the poet voices around.

Info for Poet voice Voice-overs

How do you picture a poet? Lounging on a lake bank eating grapes and gazing into the clouds? Or maybe in a smoky underground lounge wearing a black turtleneck holding a microphone. And what about the voice. Oh, the voice. It's as if the speaker is in their own world, enraptured by their own thougths. That's the poet voice. Poet voices are a little self centered, but, yet, share an artistic medium full of appeal.

When can you use a Poet voice over?

Perhaps you are creating an audio work of poetry. Whether these are your poems or someone else's, they will sound best read by poet voices. These voices will make the audience feel the poetry, not simply hear it. Poet voices are full of expression and can bring visuals to the audience to make audio come alive. Poet voices aren't just limited to poetry, though. You may have a video game or audiobook, or even an animated film, character who will come alive with one of our poet voices.

What makes the perfect Poet voice?

As mentioned, there are different types of poet voices. One may be soft and airy while another is angry and loud. You may find lyricalism or stark passion in poet voices. They also can be any gender, any age, and any ethnicity. There's a wide variety here, but they all have the consistency of clarity, good pacing, and passion.