Prospector Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Prospector voice for your voice over project.

Prospectors should have explorer voices because their job mostly entails looking for mineral deposits. If you’re in search of voices that can strike some gold, prospector voices should be your go-to.

Like any other profession, age, gender, and personality contribute to how prospector voices sound. For instance, you might want to cast an aged and weathered prospector or a young and energetic one. Or maybe, you want to cast a mix of all these prospectors to depict a team on the trail of a big gold hunt. Professional voice actors ensure you can get access to all types of prospector voices you want to use.

Info for Prospector voice Voice-overs

The main mineral that prospectors are after is usually gold. These explorers work with a lot of tools and machinery. Therefore, prospector voices are incomplete without the roaring of machines, the beeping of metal detectors, and the crushing of rocks. An ideal way to get authentic prospector voices is to record on site. This way, you get raw audio that you can tweak to suit your voice-over project.

When can you use a Prospector voice over?

Prospector voices are usually included in voice-overs to add authenticity to a project. For instance, if you’re working on a documentary about mining, prospecting voices help you set the scene for your discussions.
Prospecting voices mostly target audiences with a deep interest in the exploration of mineral deposits.

What makes the perfect Prospector voice?

Prospecting voices are characterized by squeaking, crackling, and abrupt interruptions. This is because prospects don’t have a specific order to how they work. Looking for mineral deposits underground is bound to involve a lot of shouting and warnings as well.