Queen Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Queen voice for your voice over project.

Queen has been the title given to a female monarch ever since kingdoms came to existence during the pre-historic times. A queen can either be the female ruler of an independent state, the consort of the ruling king. Since time immemorial, queens have inherited this position as it is the birthright of every royal daughter. Queen voices should, therefore, embody the femininity and the power that comes with queendom. When casting queen voices, you should go with female voice actors who have influential voices.

Info for Queen voice Voice-overs

In the modern setup, a queen is a woman who embraces all that she is. Someone who is unapologetically intense yet vulnerable at the same time. Such a queen is supposed to be empathetic because they’re always putting themselves in other people’s shoes. If you refer to yourself as a queen, it means you do not conform to what society expects you to be. Therefore queen voices should be confident and self-aware.

When can you use a Queen voice over?

You can target any audience with queen voices because there so many types the same to cast. Are you looking for a queen in the traditional sense or the millennials’ perspective of who a queen is? It would be best if you hired a voice talent that will give your character life.

What makes the perfect Queen voice?

An ideal queen is a person who doesn’t put herself above others, even with the power she has. This means queen voices should be confident, but not condescending. Queen voices should also be intelligent, wise, prudent, and classy. However, if you’re casting queens with evil intentions, the voices can be condescending, over-confident, and authoritarian.