Regular Joe Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Regular Joe voice for your voice over project.

He's probably your friend even if he is a little boring. The Regular Joe is about as average as you can get, but he's a good guy. He's also got a great voice for, well, just about anything on the basic side.

Info for Regular Joe voice Voice-overs

A Regular Joe is the every American guy voice. Maybe he's middle aged, a little thick around the waist, and he probably thinks he's funnier than he actually is. The regular Joe voice is well, average, but perfect for so many scenarios. When you need a friendly, basic, non offensive voice, let us get you one of our Regular Joe voices.

When can you use a Regular Joe voice over?

A Regular Joe voice may be the perfect voice for any type of advertisement appealing to the average person. He doesn't have pizazz or flair, but that's okay, you don't always need it. He's honest and trustworthy, so he'll appeal to just about anyone. He's great for audio when it comes to anything you want with wide appeal. His averageness can be very effective.

What makes the perfect Regular Joe voice?

The Regular Joe voice is pretty classic. It's deep enough and clear, with maybe some tendencies toward familiarity and friendliness. There's not much accent here, and nothing offensive in the Regular Joe's voice. It's a great voice for appealing to pretty much everyone. You can't go wrong with a Regular Joe.