Reporter Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Reporter voice for your voice over project.

Breaking news! Stop the presses! If your script calls for a news anchor that will read even the worst news with a professional air, or a hotshot reporter who's always looking for the latest scoop, check out our awesome reads and ger ready to make the front page.

Info for Reporter voice Voice-overs

If your project calls for the perfect journalistic voice that will immediately grab your audience's attention, or an reporter who needs to convey complex information on an ongoing investigation for a true crime podcast, then look no further than our awesome team of voice actors or actresses with perfect reporter voices. Whether you need to cast a dramatic part work a complex work of fiction, or need a serious read for a real-life show, you'll find everything you need and more.

When can you use a Reporter voice over?

There's plenty of awesome reporter voices in fiction. Film, video games, animation and TV have their fair share of nosy reporters who'll do anything to ferret out the truth, regardless of what risk they have to put themselves through to get it. There's also news anchors, who report on the latest happenings in fictional worlds; superhero stories, for instance, always have talking heads who relay the hero's latest exploits to the public. True crime, journalistic, or investigative podcasts also frequently use reporter voices to convey hard facts.

What makes the perfect Reporter voice?

Strong, to the point, and with an extremely clear and precise diction. Reporter voices tend to have a semi-detached, but compassionate and empathetic air that gives an air of gravitas and objectivity to the news they are reporting.