Rock Star Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Rock Star voice for your voice over project.

Need a high-beltin', carousing, freewheelin' spirit that will bring in stadium crowds, charm men and women, and live a hedonistic lifestyle where the party never ends? Then check out rock star voices to bring a whole lotta love to your projects!

Info for Rock Star voice Voice-overs

Rock stars are a staple of our culture for a reason. Who else can embody that fearless, bare-chested panache while wooing millions and singing over extremely loud instruments with wails that would make Norse gods nod in approval? Rock star voices can be all about these high-singing, 70s and 80s tropes, or embody more tortured, nuanced artists who are not all about fame and partying. Whether your script calls for a very nuanced take or an expert of all-night debauchery, rest assured that these awesome reads by our amazing pool of actors and actresses will have you hitting #1 on the charts faster than you can belt the chorus to "Satisfaction."

When can you use a Rock Star voice over?

The panache, confidence, and cat-like strut of rocks tars is well-loved across all mediums; TV, films, audiobooks, animation, and video games have their great share of rockstar characters, and who could blame 'em? Whether it's the hero of the story, or a self-centered narcissist who doesn't know when to quit, rock star voices come in all shape and sizes; the has-been who had a career way-back-when; the rising star who's experiencing a meteoric ascent to fame; the timid, well-meaning artiste who just wants to express themselves; there's a huge playground and variety of vocal styles to experiment with. Rock star voices also have a prominent place in commercials, whether it's for product placement, where spoofs and imitations are frequent, or to bring some extra pizzaz to a read.

What makes the perfect Rock Star voice?

While there's no one-size-fits-all approach, rock star voices are confident, seductive, playful, and they can sing with the best of 'em!