Secret agent Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Secret agent voice for your voice over project.

Does your project call for your very own international man (or woman) of mystery? Then browse our secret agent voices, and find your own shaken-not-stirred read!

Info for Secret agent voice Voice-overs

Suave, in control, and always the last line of defense between global peace and a madman who would blow up the world with a laser satellite, or some other dastardly contraption. Secret agent voices are all about bringing to life a charming, sophisticated secret agent with a poised, dignified swagger. Or you may need a more rough-around-the-edges type, more Jason Bourne than James Bond. Regardless of whether your script calls for a wordly, tuxedoed man or woman of action or a no-frills improviser who's always flying by the seat of their pants, our awesome team of voice actors and actresses is ready to bring your vision to life.

When can you use a Secret agent voice over?

There's quite a big audience for secret agent voices. They're a mainstay of audiobooks, film, TV, animation, and video games. And the world is not just clamoring for male super-spies with an impeccable fashion sense; there are also many examples of female secret agents like Black Widow (Natasha Romanova), who has her own movie, and Cate Archer in the No One Lives Forever series of video games. You'll find that we have something for every secret agent style under the sun, so if your script calls for someone to save the world in the nick of time, don't worry, we've got you.

What makes the perfect Secret agent voice?

Suave, sophisticated, in control, and with just a dash of irony. Secret agent voices embody the dapper, seductive, mysterious tones of a man or woman with an ace up their sleeve.