Slacker Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Slacker voice for your voice over project.

Slacker voices belong to lazy, sluggish and unconcerned people who avoid work or effort. I bet you’ve encountered several slackers throughout your life. Hence, it should come without saying that this voice has
a negative connotation. Moreover, slackers speak with no urgency because life means nothing to them.

Slacker voices embody the characteristics of people who feel they don’t have a higher purpose. Slacking is a lousy place to be in mentally because nothing refreshes your life. Listening to slacker voices can be depressing because the feeling can kind of rubs off on you.

Info for Slacker voice Voice-overs

A slacker is a couch potato who would rather stay hungry than prepare a meal for themselves. Slacker voices sound as casual as slackers take life. They represent a significant lack of ambition or the capacity to
dream of a better life. Slacker voices admit to being content with the bare minimum. Even though it is such an underwhelming role, you can use it to highlight positive messages. An excellent example is poking fun at the adolescent work ethic.

When can you use a Slacker voice over?

Slacker voices mostly resonate with young audiences because they are the ones who tend to slack a lot. When we’re young, we hardly see the use of putting in effort in anything. However, as we grow older, we wish we could go back in time and relive our youth with the wisdom we gathered throughout adulthood.

What makes the perfect Slacker voice?

Slacker voices are characterized by disinterest, laziness and sluggishness. Slackers have a couch potato voice that screams, ‘without a care in the world.’ Your voice actor should master how to speak slowly and
casually as if nothing could ever go wrong.