Smoker Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Smoker voice for your voice over project.

Smoker voices remind listeners of Vito Corleone in 'The Godfather' every time he holds the cigar. These voices are deep and husky, almost like the speaker is fighting a nasty flu. If you’re thinking smoker voices are too dry and harsh to attract attention, you are wrong. Audiences are attracted to the raspy quality in these voices.

Info for Smoker voice Voice-overs

It's hard to tell whether smoker voices result from long-time cigarette use or damage to the vocal cords. They are raspy and hoarse, yet still appealing. Women that can pull this voice off often sound powerful and sometimes masculine due to the deepness of their voice.

When can you use a Smoker voice over?

The smoker voices are mostly common in PSA messages on smoking and its disadvantages. A rough and crude version of the voice can also be used in film and narrations, especially to characterize villains in children's stories to instill fear or to portray an angry bad guy with unpolished fury. Short-time smoker voices that aren't as husky can be used in music productions, demos, infomercials, video games, and trailers.

What makes the perfect Smoker voice?

Characterized by huskiness and roughness, the smoker voice is distinctive, identifiable, and sometimes even sexy in its unevenness. It often sounds like a dry and hoarse voice caused by the inflammation of the vocal cords.

Other info for Smoker voice overs

For new or infrequent smokers, the sleeker, less rough voice is considered sexy and distinct. The vocal range of a smoker is not compromised, and the speaker can speak and even sing without many restrictions. Frequent and heavy cigarette users develop a hoarser and more restricted smoker voice that makes it harder to speak.