Southern Belle Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Southern Belle voice for your voice over project.

Aaah, the charms of times long past. If you need a female character that will embody the bygone charm and down-home politness of Southern politeness and hospitality, we've got an awesome selection of voices from you.

Info for Southern Belle voice Voice-overs

While "Southen Belle" refers to a long-past categorization of a young woman from the upper classes of the pre-war American South, it embodies a certain standard of politeness, charm, and hospitality that still endures to this day. Southern Belles used to represent a stereotypical image of a corsetted, pantalette-wearing well-to-do young lady, and while that is certainly on the table, Southern Belle voices allow much more versatility than just recreating historical archetypes. While thankfully things have changed for the better over time, the American South still retains an image of hospitable, polite, down-to-earth people that welcome visitors with open arms and have a trusting, friendly demeanor with sgrangers. If you need a female character with just the right 'aw shucks' attitude with a deep-fried Southern charm, we've got some darn fine reads for you.

When can you use a Southern Belle voice over?

Who can resist a good, trusting, down-home Southern accent? TV shows, movies, audiobooks, and video games often benefit from having Southern female characters, some playing for and some against type. A little bit of charm goes a long way, as is the case for Jodie Foster playing Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs — an excellent subversion of the trope — or in a more straight adaptation of the trope by Bette Davies in "In This Our Life," and "Jezebel". If you're trying to communicate with Southern audiences for commercials, Southern Belle voices are a great authentic choice to reach them on their own terms. Even if your audience is not exclusively Southern, a healthy dose of charm and friendliness can make a difference.