Southern Gentleman Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Southern Gentleman voice for your voice over project.

Think of Matthew McConaughey in most of his movies. Southern gentleman voices can be profoundly sexy, but can often been used sparingly by a villainous character. These voices are a staple of the Southern respect, manners, and appreciation for tradition.

Info for Southern Gentleman voice Voice-overs

The southern gentleman voice is characteristically part of Southern hospitality. A calm, go easy voice that gets you to trust and relax; this voice exudes the respect and the refinement of character. It involves a slight nasal twang, the over-pronunciation of letter 'R,' and mispronunciation of some vowels, making it noticeable and distinct.

When can you use a Southern Gentleman voice over?

From country music to country films and movies, these voices have, over the years, been perfectly used to reflect the Southern generosity and irrefutable manners. Southern gentleman voices can be used for sales promotions and marketing campaigns (especially for products relating to these values), voice-overs, and storytelling.

What makes the perfect Southern Gentleman voice?

They have a slow and friendly enunciation that makes you feel unimaginably comfortable, even when coming from a total stranger. The southern gentleman voices are relaxed and drawn out; almost like the voice has nowhere to be but there with you. It normally goes with a strong Southern heavy country accent that has an unbelievable sexual appeal.

Other info for Southern Gentleman voice overs

The voice has been used sparingly (but effectively) by deceivingly cunning villains. It is, however, used more for thoughtful and considerate noblemen. The southern gentleman's voice use in Hollywood movies usually contrasts the faster, more thoughtless city voices, giving a look into the hassle-free, relaxed South. It is sometimes mocked for being too country, and sometimes naïve.