Squirrel Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Squirrel voice for your voice over project.

"Squeaker squeak squeak squeakin'" The squirrel lingo translates to the sentence, "Did you take the acorn?" Well, at least that's what Kronk says in the "Emperor's New Groove." Have an enchanted forest full of speaking squirrels? Hire our professionally adorable high-pitched squirrel voices for your audiobook or animation project today!

Info for Squirrel voice Voice-overs

From the Ice-Age old Scrat to the underwater Sandy Cheeks from Nickelodeon’s “Spongebob SquarePants” series, squirrels are simply a scurrying delight in cartoons. And why wouldn’t they be with their bushy tails and animated peeping voices? Even Disney has featured the rodent’s furry cousin in the characters “Chip and Dale.” Your animation will simply be incomplete without signature squirrel voices to vivify the scurrilous and nut-loving species.

When can you use a Squirrel voice over?

Reaching out to children or lovers of a nutty snack? Squirrel voices will appeal to your audience! Whether it’s a character’s voice that educates, entertains, delights, or sells, high-pitched squirrel voices are always a hit with the crowd. And that goes no matter if you’re a squirrel or not! Find a perfect squirrel voice artist to complement your toothy animated character with us!

What makes the perfect Squirrel voice?

Animated, high-pitched and chirpy, squirrels are well-loved woodland critters to most. Squirrel sounds include squeaks, bark-like grunts, and even gnawing sounds. Bright, playful sounding and fast-paced, squirrel voices can be described as frisky and nimble. But there are exceptions like Lola, the Loony Tunes Bunny in “Space Jam.” It’s all a play on personality! Portray your very own squirrel character by experimenting with our different professional voice artists today.