Storyteller Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Storyteller voice for your voice over project.

Mmmmm, a bed time story or something around the campfire. Storyteller voices are the ones that mesmerize and captivate. They weave their tales and transport the listener. Our selection of storyteller voices will have your audience captivated and waiting to hear more.

Info for Storyteller voice Voice-overs

Maybe a smooth voice like James Earl Jones or a entrancing one like Old Rose from Titanic is the one you want. These are the voices that know how to speak and entrance the listener from start to finish. From the storytellers of long ago to podcasters of today, storytelling is an art and a valuable product is created along the way. Find the right storyteller voices for your piece, and your listeners will be set to take a journey, whether it's on a magic carpet, a true crime case, or a long ago summer's day.

When can you use a Storyteller voice over?

Storyteller voices are the perfect ones to, well, tell a story. Audiences love a good story that they can escape into, and whether it's through movie narration, an audiobook, or a podcast, let them be whisked away to another place or time with a great story. The appeal lies in the engaging tone of voice, the one that seeps in and becomes one with the listener, bringing them into that other place.

What makes the perfect Storyteller voice?

Though storyteller voices vary in age, gender, ethnicity, and dialect, they do share some common ground. They are smooth and easy on the ears. They're not pretentious or offensive, they aren't too quiet or weak. These voices are engaging, clear, and friendly, like a tour guide on a day trip. In fact, that's what they are, tour guides to another time or place or experience.