Straight Man Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Straight Man voice for your voice over project.

Do you need a voice that will seem absolutely unflappable in the face of the wildest, most hilarious antics? Then our selection of straight man voices should be enough to keep a straight face even when everybody around can't stifle their chuckles.

Info for Straight Man voice Voice-overs

A straight man is generally the counterpoint to a zany and wacky comedic character. Even when they seem to be doing their darndest to make audiences laugh by breaking the fourth wall or breaking into wild antics, straight men just don't break character for a minute. Straight man voices embody this stoic, unexcitable level-headedness. When everyone around them seems to be guffawing and gasping for air, these characters remain stern, nonplussed, and wondering what all the fuss is about with a furrowred brow, which makes the whole thing even funnier. If you need the perfect straight man read, look no further than this pool of awesome talent.

When can you use a Straight Man voice over?

Straight men have been a mainstay of comedy across different media across the ages. Whether it's TV, standup comedy, YouTube, animation, film, or even video games, some characters just have a stern, unbreakable poise that rarely ever cracks. Some comedians, like Norm McDonald, have even made their straight man voices a part of their act, as even when they're saying the most outlandish things their well-mannered facade never seems to drop for a second. In commercials, straight men are also excellent when you've got a peculiar or eccentric character that's laugh-out-loud funny but needs to be balanced by someone more level-headed.

What makes the perfect Straight Man voice?

Cool, unperturbed, unhurried, and totally unaware of what the fuss is all about.