Teacher Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Teacher voice for your voice over project.

Do you remember the warm fuzzy feeling you felt when your favorite teacher told you’ good job’? The expectation to learn something new and the eagerness to show it throughout the lesson just so you can receive a compliment, and sometimes a treat. Teacher voices are often the most trusted and reliable voices in children’s' minds which is why they are embedded in their memories as they grow up.

Info for Teacher voice Voice-overs

Teaching is a calling, and few people have that patient, educational, approachable, and encouraging voice. It can't be easy to motivate and admonish at the same time, yet teachers play this role perfectly.

When can you use a Teacher voice over?

Teacher voices are often used to create educational content like instructional videos and e-learning courses. The voice helps listeners comprehend and understand what is being taught, mostly because of their childhood association with it. When teaching, instructing, or coaching in any capacity through your blog, story, or film, the teacher voice can be very helpful.

What makes the perfect Teacher voice?

The teacher voice is approachable and friendly, but at the same time demands respect and admiration. It is educational and instructive in a way that makes it easy to pass knowledge but can also have a harsh, disciplinarian tone, meant to highlight a mistake. Even with both conflicting sides, you can always count on the warm voice of a teacher to be helpful.

Other info for Teacher voice overs

Teachers are usually the first people you look up to. This makes teacher voices perfect for scripts that are meant to pass an important message or to admonish a particular habit or activity.