Ted-talk presenter Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Ted-talk presenter voice for your voice over project.

Passionate, innovative, informed, relatable. These are characteristics of great Ted-talk presenters. These aren’t just any speakers; they’re the best of the best. Ted-talk presenters are captivating, engaging, and in fact, they’re world changing.

Info for Ted-talk presenter voice Voice-overs

Ted-talk presenters are engaging speakers who share “ideas worth spreading.” They have a distinct way of presenting that is engaging, informed, passionate, and to the point. They have 18 minutes to share their life changing information; they better use it well. There’s no hemming and hawing here, these speakers know what they’re doing. Take a look at our Ted-talk presenter character voices if you’d like your audio piece voiced in this unique, engaging style.

When can you use a Ted-talk presenter voice over?

Ted-talk presenters engage the audience with passion, sharing innovative ideas. These ideas can cover any topic, from products to science to business to humanities to global issues. Whether they are discussing the latest engineering breakthroughs or how to be a better friend, they reach the audience. Ted-talks are fabulous platforms for spreading ideas and reach all the way from local groups to international audiences. When you have an audience who you want to share ideas with, a Ted-talk presentation style can be the way to reach them. When a speaker connects with the audience and speaks with passion and knowledge, great things can happen. Mountains can be moved. Whatever your idea may be, share it in a Ted-talk presenter voice, and your audience will feel that excitement. It’s a great choice for sharing any ideas.

What makes the perfect Ted-talk presenter voice?

Ted-talk presenters have unique voice characteristics, though all ages, genders and ethnicities share Ted-talks. They all speak with clarity, knowledge, and passion along with an even pace and well-modulated tone. Though their words are natural and engaging, their talks are well-rehearsed so the audience won’t hear stumbles and fillers throughout the presentations.