Thug Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Thug voice for your voice over project.

The law is their playing field, and they are as tough as they come. They'll get into brawls without a second thought, and they thrive in criminal activities, but it's their thug voices that make your blood run cold. The menacing, emotionless voices that let you know they mean business.

Info for Thug voice Voice-overs

A thug is supposed to have a hardened exterior and condescending personality, maybe even some anger issues. But it’s hard to tell by just looking, you have to hear the voice, the no-nonsense, no-care-in-the-world voice. Thug voices are meant to give characters a rough exterior, make them appear dangerous and thus brave and unafraid. This voice could be used by a scared character who wants to seem more powerful than they are.

When can you use a Thug voice over?

Do you have a rough and unapologetic character you'd like to bring to life in a podcast, video game, or movie? A thug voice would be perfect! The voice on its own is enough to let you know that the character doesn't play by the rules and that they will smack you around, just because they can.

What makes the perfect Thug voice?

Thug voices are deep, husky, and menacing. They are accompanied by occasional grunts that are intimidating and scary. You can immediately detect their disregard for the rules and their provocation for a fight.

Other info for Thug voice overs

To bring the character to life, thug voices are often loud and harsh, and have to be rough and scary. Sometimes the character has to use a complex and obscure language just to sound more intimidating.