Tourist Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Tourist voice for your voice over project.

Tourist voices make for great character additions. You've gotta love tourist characters, even if you hate them. With a variety of personalities, stereotypes, and internationalites, you can have a lot of fun with these voices, and we are right here to help.

Info for Tourist voice Voice-overs

The tourist character ranges from the annoying, entitled American to the curious and adventurous family. You can have any nationality visiting anywhere and have fun with it. Take on the positive parts or go with those negatives, but embrace the tourist and their voices. We can help get you just the right voice you are searching for.

When can you use a Tourist voice over?

Tourist voices not only have a wide range in and of themselves, but they also have a wide range of purpose. There are the wide-eyed tourists visiting a new city and exploring it, there are the immersion tourists taking on a new experience. You can't overlook the child tourist as she walks into Disneyworld for the first time. So tourist voices are perfect for advertising places and tourism projects, as well as fun for characters in fiction pieces. Your audience will love them, or maybe even love to hate them.

What makes the perfect Tourist voice?

Tourist voices can vary immensely, from an entitled, obnoxious, older tourist, to a wide eyed child. You may hear a tourist trying their best in a new language, and that could make for stumbling and awkward voices. You can have an excited voice or nervous one, a curious one or flustered one. Tourist voices come in every age, from the youngest speaker to the oldest. Their voices may have some accent and might be a big louder and slower than usual. Or maybe just filled with wonder.