Trolls Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Trolls voice for your voice over project.

From their representations in cartoons and animations, trolls always seem like they deserve a spot in nightmares. That is before you fall for their adorable, incomprehensible cunning speech patterns that make you oblivious to their unappealing scratchy voices. Troll voices depict the character of these mysterious and witty ugly creatures.

Info for Trolls voice Voice-overs

You're familiar with these mythical creatures: wrenched in appearance and cunning in nature. We have been led to believe that they live under bridges and use their crafty characteristics to trick other beings out of their money and possessions. Troll voices are scheming and jovial, but do little to hide the character's ugliness and dirtiness.

When can you use a Trolls voice over?

Troll voices frequent fantasy films, old folklore literature, and adventure video games. Due to its off-putting nature, the voice can be used for a troll Halloween costume or decoration to great effect. Since trolls are popular characters, the voices can also be used for fantasy recreation games and fantasy character theme parties.

What makes the perfect Trolls voice?

Think of a slight falsetto voice, mostly consisting of food munching and crunching in between the speaking. Troll voices are only slightly comprehensible as the character tries to sequence a series of words that only make sense as a whole since they lack any grammatical or syntax form.

Other info for Trolls voice overs

Troll voices can be sinister and off-putting or humorous and jovial, depending on the character of the troll. The character's unpleasant nature has to be brought out perfectly, especially in audio stories and narrations. This voice also has to show the cunningness and trickery of a troll.