Trucker Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Trucker voice for your voice over project.

Always on the road, always communicating with other truckers, but above all, hard work and more hard work, no matter what the road and weather conditions are. Need to reach out and present such experiences? Well, then, trucker voices should be the ones you choose.

Info for Trucker voice Voice-overs

Trucking is still the most used method of transporting goods in the United States. Millions of truck and truckers cross the higways, country roads, or almost unpassable patways during any given period of time. It is har life, spent between driving the roads, communicating with other truckers, sleeping in trucks and eating at any available diners or food stalls. It is hard work and hard life, that always speaks of accumulated experience, problems you encounter and finding ways to get home as soon as possible. The best way to express such experiences is through trucker voices.

When can you use a Trucker voice over?

Any audience that is personaly or through their business connected with all things transportation, would immediately connect with trucker voices, because if anybody knows anything about the subjects and its implications in real life, it is the truckers. It could be new vehicles, transportation gear, but also logistics or an ad for a roadside restaurant chain. But also, in general, anytime you need to transmitt life expereince, particularly the one gained through hardship, trucker voices can come in handy.

What makes the perfect Trucker voice?

Trucker voices are usually hard and gritty, and sound as they have been wethered by the storms the truckers have gone through on the road. They speak often speak with a Midwestern accent and use code words truckers use when they communicate over their truck communication systems.