TV Host Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect TV Host voice for your voice over project.

From Late Night Talk Show hosts like Stephen Colbert to Game Show Hosts like Steve Harvey, TV Hosts have used this voice to bring their viewers thrills, suspense, and excitement. TV host voices are engaging, and usually try to get the viewer to participate in a conversation or a game by drawing them into the topic of discussion.

Info for TV Host voice Voice-overs

To effectively use the TV Host voice, the user has to strike an odd balance between funny and knowledgeable. The voice and the character should be witty to keep the audience engaged and having fun, but also confidently knowledgeable enough to be trusted by the audience to pass across the intended message. And there's one element that should never lack; a burst of energy!

When can you use a TV Host voice over?

TV host voices can be used for media-intensive productions like blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels. The voice, having been used continuously on TV, is also perfect for documentaries and educational narrations and sometimes video and audio classes.

What makes the perfect TV Host voice?

These voices can range from deep to soft, but they have to be funny, exciting, and engaging. Characters can use the TV host voice to bring out suspense, drama, and comedy when appropriate, keeping the audience glued when the show is on and waiting when it ends.

Other info for TV Host voice overs

The voice is a subset of the comedic voice, with the only differentiating factor being the TV Host voice has to display substantial knowledge of the topic that they are engaging their audience in.