Urban Youth Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Urban Youth voice for your voice over project.

Need a voice that's young, approachable, and knows what's up? Urban youth voices are ideal for when you want to reach young audiences on their terms, with a script that communicates in their language and local slang.

Info for Urban Youth voice Voice-overs

Young voices are a very necessary part of any communication strategy. Whether you're in sales, marketing, or trying to craft a character that's part of a big, dramatic story, there's a place for urban youth voices. Tech-savvy, modern, natural-sounding, and probably crammed full of acronyms and neologisms you can barely make out — hey, don't knock us, youth culture is in constant flux and change, and what's new today will be old tomorrow. If you want to reach your audience without sounding like you're tyring too heard, check out these awesome reads!

When can you use a Urban Youth voice over?

Urban youth voices are very popular across a variety of media like commercials, TV, animation, video games, and movies. Young characters are often the protagonists of stories aimed at a child or teenage demographic, and can range from anything from superheroes like Tom Holland's Spider-man, or Maxine, the main character in the coming-of-age video game Life is Strange. Urban youth vocies are great for secondary characters as well, whether they're likeable or annoying (and no one likes a know-it-all!). This voice type is also used very frequently in commercials, as young — or young-sounding — voices are more persuasive and trustworthy to audiences in the same age range.

What makes the perfect Urban Youth voice?

Hip, cool, relaxed, and always clued into the latest fad, social issue, or internet lingo. Young voices tend to sound unfrayed, slightly higher-pitched, and friendly.