Valley Girl Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Valley Girl voice for your voice over project.

Yas, queen! Valley girl voices are all about conveying that nasal, 80s/90s California-girl vibe who just loooooooves being out with her gurls, being the life of the party, and maxing out their dad's credit cards. The perfect script calls for the perfect read, and we've got you covered all the way.

Info for Valley Girl voice Voice-overs

Ah, the valley girl. When your script calls for the perfect sun-loving, oblivious airhead who just loves the sun, hanging out in Cali with her friends, and talking down to people, look no further than valley girl voices. While these voices may be used a shorthand for mean-spirited, superficial people, they can also be used to subvert the cliche; after all, style doesn't necessarily mean a lack of substance, as Alicia Silverstone showed un in seminal valley-girl-classic "Clueless." Whether you're looking for, like, nuance, or a more straightforward approach, we're ready to accomodate your every need. You script it, we read it.

When can you use a Valley Girl voice over?

Valley girls have definitely made a dent in fiction. TV, movies, audiobooks, animation, and video games have their fair share of valley girl voices. Whether it's a group hilariously parodying their consumeristic antics in Grand Theft Auto, or more fleshed our characters in TV shows, there's no shortage of nasal enunciations, eye rolls, and electric convertibles to go around. Or maybe you've got an ad campaign that's overtly (or jokingly) targeted at a younger female segment who would feel comfortable with valleyspeak.

What makes the perfect Valley Girl voice?

Nasal, tending towards higher pitches, and dropping "like" as if they were carpet-bombing the place. Valley girl voices have an unmistakable style and tone that harkens back to their origin in 1980s San Fernando, California.