Vampire Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Vampire voice for your voice over project.

Does your script call for a long-suffering, forlorn vampire who's got a penchant for both blood-sucking and long soliloquies? Then check out these awesome reads to bring your very own Dracula to life (or undeath)!

Info for Vampire voice Voice-overs

Vampires are all the rage these days. From sad, haunted characters like Edward Sull- Cullen, to campier reimaginings of Dracula himself, it seems these creatures of darkness are always in demand. These nightcrawlers have a deadly allergy to the sun, sleep in coffins, and need the blood of victims to survive. They also live forever (unless they sunbathe or a proactive vampire hunter drivers a stake through their heart), can morph into bats or fog, and don't reflect in mirrors. Vampire voices have a devious, cunning, but definitely seductive quality that elicits swoons and screams in equal measure.

When can you use a Vampire voice over?

Vampires are a mainstay of the literary realm, and they're especially in demand for audiobook projects. Film, animation, TV, and video games are no slouches either — there's definitely no shortage of nosferatus in audiovisual media. From the endlessly fun romps of Count Dracula in the BBC's newest series, to a darker, introspective, intellectual approach taken in Dontnod's new video game Vampyr, which casts players as a conflicted bloodsucker. Vampire voices have also been used prominently in commercial, generally to comedic effect — hey, that new garlic pasta is not just going to sell itself!

What makes the perfect Vampire voice?

Dark, brooding, seductive, with just a hint of malice below. Vampire voices can be anything from serene and in control, with the wisdom of millennia underneath, or conflicted, doubtful, and tortured.