Viking Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Viking voice for your voice over project.

Need the perfect voice for a raiding, pillaging, merry band of scoundrels? We've got the perfect selection of viking voices to bring your group of mead-drinking Norse raiders to life!

Info for Viking voice Voice-overs

Vikings were Norse people from Scandinavia who had their heiday between the 8th and 11th centuries. While they are known for pillaging, radiing, and a general love for battle and srife, these popular depictions aren't always on point, and they miss the fact that this culture was generally more advanced than it's given credit for. Viking voices are perfect for portraying the well-trod tropes of horned-helmeted warriors, or the more realistic depictions seen in TV shows such as Vikings. Whether your script calls for nuance or all-out viking pirates, our team has your back.

When can you use a Viking voice over?

Vikings are a very popular staple of TV shows (they even have their own!), movies, literature, music, and video games. While in many works of fiction they're portrayed as bands of merry men and women who love pillaging and piracy, there are also other, more nuanced depictions. In video game and fantasy settings there are many representations of Norse-like cultures that use viking voices to great avail, as is the case for the dwellers of the Skellige archipelago in 'The Witcher 3.' Vikings are also frequently used for laughs in commercials that parody the many cliches around them (hey, it's a great way to sell beer!).

What makes the perfect Viking voice?

Brash, piratey, and with a bit of a brogue. While Vikings come from the areas now known as Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, their voices can either have these accents or they're frequently represented as having something closer to Scottish in English-speaking depictions.