Vixen Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Vixen voice for your voice over project.

Heart breakers and man makers. We’re talking about the coy, attractive woman who speaks with flirtatious fleek. Modernly tagged after female foxes, vixen voices will draw your demographic in with an alluring invite. Hire from our pool of experienced voice actresses and bring your vixen character vividly to life!

Info for Vixen voice Voice-overs

Leading actresses that glamorize James Bond movies, or Lola, the bunny in Space Jam, vixen voices have one common thing. They are typically spoken with warm, breathy seduction. Subtly insinuative, confidently inviting, and sometimes mysteriously treacherous, vixen voices will charm the socks off just about anyone. Whether you’re looking for a foxy voice to sound your audio ad, movie voice over, or audiobook, vixen voices are the ultimate hook, line, and sinker when applied to the right audience.

When can you use a Vixen voice over?

Because vixen voices often convey the luxurious richness, wisdom, and unyielding strength of women, they can make for trustworthy powerful voices when it comes to ads. The demographic effectively convinced by these voice qualities are dynamically two-fold. Your audience will either want to be her, in cases of a female audience, or be with her, in cases of a male audience.

What makes the perfect Vixen voice?

Low but not too low, and spoken from the chest, vixen voices are narrated unhurriedly with a dash of pizzazz and flirtation. Breathy and calm, like she’s never left the bed, our voice artists who play these vocal roles portray pleasing tones and irresistible magnetism. Pick a perfect voice actress for your project to intrigue and reel in your audience compellingly.