Warrior Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Warrior voice for your voice over project.

Does your script call for a brazen, noble fighter that is all about honor, duty, and strength? Then check out our awesome selection of warrior voices to bring the character you've envisioned to life!

Info for Warrior voice Voice-overs

Warriors are always on the front lines, fighting for what they believe in. Whether it be medieval-style knights, modern soldiers, or anything in between, these honorable, noble fighters are always ready to step up and risk life and limb in the line of duty. Whether it's heroic, lawful characters who are ready to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, or bloodthirsty warmongers who are just looking for the next brawl, we've got an enormous pool of warrior voices from A-list talent lined up to make your vision a reality.

When can you use a Warrior voice over?

Warriors are a very popular trope in fiction. TV shows, animation, films, and video games frequently use warrior voices. War and conflict frequently make an appearance in storytelling, and warriors are always on the frontlines, whether it be for saving the world or for personal gain. Warrior voices are great for bringing heroes to life, those ready to offer everything they've got in order to defeat the bad guy, and they also make great bad guys, people who are not quite full-on evil, but still mostly fueled by their own personal quest for glory and violence.

What makes the perfect Warrior voice?

Warrior voices tend to be brash, noble, confrontational, and never shy away from a good war cry. They tend to be on the raspier, edgier side of things, and will no-doubt strike fear in the hearts of their enemies.