Wicked Witch Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Wicked Witch voice for your voice over project.

What does Repunzel, The Little Mermaid, and Snow White have in common? An evil witch, of course! Raspy, screechy, and venomous, a witch’s villainy cackle will antagonize any fairytale story. Don’t go on a witch hunt for your audio project. Pick a perfect wicked witch voice from our pool of professional voice artists!

Info for Wicked Witch voice Voice-overs

From jarring voices resembling fingernails on the chalkboard to the glamourous Broadway lit “Wicked,” the old cauldron-stirring witch stereotype has evolved over the centuries. Although witches now come in good and evil packages, a high-pitched hag still comes to mind with the mention of a wicked witch voice. No matter your witchcraft style, we have the perfect wicked witch voice to fit the personality in your audiobook, movie, or ad.

When can you use a Wicked Witch voice over?

Enthrall little ones with a bedtime story, or grab some consumer ears with a grotesque and grating role-playing audio ad. Either way, the bone-chilling wicked witch voice is sure to etch a lasting impression on your audience. When it comes to voice overs and dubbing, having the right witch voice makes the difference between a good movie versus a spellbinding one! Hire the right professional voice artist with us to fill the insidious shoes of your character!

What makes the perfect Wicked Witch voice?

Echoing through green-glowing lairs, a wicked witch voice is characteristically unsettling, displeasing, nasty and ear-piercing. It is typically high in pitch and dry in voice texture, often accompanied by a peal of hair-standing screeching laughter. The voice alone is enough to depict a wicked witch's mysterious and dark intentions.