Wizard Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Wizard voice for your voice over project.

Do you need a little magic in your audio to make it all come together? Are you searching for the perfect wizard voices to add that charm and mystique to your magical piece? We've got them and you'll see how the perfect voice makes your script come alive. You won't even need to use your magic wand for this one.

Info for Wizard voice Voice-overs

You know you're thinking of Gandalf or Dumbledore, with their long white beards and soothing voices. Who doesn't when it comes to wizards? They have the quintessential wizard voices, the ones of soothing tones and wise words, so rich you hear the years and years of wisdom beneath the gentle, but commanding tones. Use one of our many wizard voices to give your project the magic it deserves.

When can you use a Wizard voice over?

Do you have a wizard in your audiobook? Maybe in your video game? Your audience will love an authentic wizard voice to carry this character. Whether your wizard is a traditional one with a wizard's hat and flowing robes or a modern one with secret gifts, the voice will complete him. Of course, not all wizards are old, Harry and his friends are young wizards, but they don't quite need the wizard's voice yet. Wizard voices go to the old ones, the wise ones, the ones who have been around longer than we can imagine. And your audience will love this in your characters, whether listening to an audiobook, watching a film, or playing a videogame.

What makes the perfect Wizard voice?

Wizard voices are rich with wisdom and slow, curious speech. They speak in riddles sometimes, so the lilts and pauses are all important. Usually their voices are deep with a smooth deepness, and a kindness warmly envelops their wods. Unless of course you've got an evil wizard...