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Mohamed E.


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A Professional Arabic Voice Actor
I'm an Arabic Voice Over Artist, I record Movie trailers, Documentaries, Audio-books, IVR and Videogames for companies, There are a lot that I can do but it’s just what the client needs. I started doing voice-over work when I had just graduated from High-School, and of course I love voice-over work. I love being a voice over artist; my life is like a movie I’m always imitating others such as doing funny, serious and sad voices. Ages that I Can Perform: •Child • Teenage Boy • Young Adult Male • Middle Age Male • Senior Male And I can convey my message in many ways, in many tones and with many emotions. I can speak in a very light whisper,or my voice can boom deeply, demanding respect from those who are listening. My voice can express sympathy to someone who has just experienced a great loss, or it can reflect the happiness one feels after having accomplished something great! also: I do impersonations of the heroes of DOTA , DOTA 2 and League Of Legends LOL . I do impersonations of any random people. I do a lot of impressions with my voice!

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