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I provide high quality, professional, clean voice over work!
In 1987, I began performing semi professionally as a magician in the Chicago area. From 1989-1991, I did character voice acting for the local Top 40 radio station's evening show both from home and in studio. From 1990-1995, I took theater acting classes and performed in numerous plays, including lead rolls. In 1997-1999, I did live action character acting for corporate training videos. From then until 2019, I focused primarily on performing magic shows independently. From 2019 on, I have been performing magic and voice over/acting, mostly freelance. My booth and studio were custom designed in the quietest area of my home and are fully treated for perfect VO acoustics. My Microphone is an XLR Rode NT1 Cardioid Condenser. It is known to be the world's quietest! It has an attached pop filter specifically designed for it. I also keep two back-up condenser mics in my booth that are ready to go at all times. One is XLR and one is USB. I record into a ZOOM H5 preamp where files are stored onto micro-SD and immediately backed up onto a dedicated HP Computer for editing in Reaper.