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I can record my male American voice in 24 hours or less!
Hello! First let me say thank you for stopping by! My trusted clients include Spotify, World Bank Treasury, Amazon, Samsung, Topps Baseball cards, Super 8, Days Inn, and many other great clients, recorded right here on Voice Bunny, and your project is equally important! I will keep working at no additional charge to make sure you are 100 satisfied. I have completed hundreds of voice overs just like yours. From commercials, audio books, video games, etc, I've done it all. I am fast, reliable, and easy to work with! I have a professional recording studio in my home, and will deliver a mastered, edited project, usually the same day. Let's do a project together!

Fast turnaround! Read the script at the perfect speed, very clear and concise. Even pronounced and flowed the words better then I had written them out. Great job!