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Young, smooth, expressive, cool, animated, friendly, fresh.
Kade Murdock is a 26 year old female who was born completely blind with optic nerve hypoplasia. She is known as the voice of various streaming content found across the web, from Spotify promos and product videos, to cartoons and video games. She has also acted as DJ and imaging voice to 4 online radio stations in the past. Her experience being the eldest of 6 in a large family gives her inspiration in creating child friendly characters. She is able to perform many accents and voices of all ages and personalities. She has experimented with, and had a continued interest in vocal production, audio editing, and media in general since the age of 12. From podcasts to phone IVR, you'll never know when this familiar voice will pop up. Your project is perfected when you incorporate one of the many characters Kade has to offer into the mix.