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Angus T.


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A Young Driven Professional
Angus is an experienced and talented Voice Over artist, who can deliver whatever it is you’re looking for! Raised in Scotland, but with a talent for accents, Angus is more than able to give you a read in a large number of British or American accents upon request, as well as other English language accents from around the world. Having worked as a Voice Over artist for over 4 years, he is able to also provide whatever post-production effects your project requires, add or create music, and even render out video for you using the Adobe CC suite of applications.Angus has worked with a number of different brands, and also provided narration for both documentary and storytelling, his real passion though is his character work. With a Degree in Musical Theatre, he is fully prepared to utilise a wide range of character voices. Anything from a Suburban Teenager to a Hardened Thug or even a Terrifying Monster and everything in between! You'd struggle to find an artist as reliable and as dedicated.