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Friendly, Relaxing, Comfortable and charming voice for you!
Hello, thank you for coming and checking my profile. I’m a native Japanese voice-over artist based in Japan with home recording. My voice is conversational, energetic and friendly, suitable for E-learning, Web-commercials, Internet video, Audiobooks and also Audioguide. I have done voice over: Audiobook (for English speaker to learn Japanese, Meditation) Audioguide (for Sightseeing in Germany, Timescope in Paris, Bus tour in Australia) Corporate (for Lighting company, Coffee shop) E-learning (for Uber Eats and more) Explainer video (for Lighting company) IVR (for JMB world market place & Visa hotels) Web commercial (for Anime & Manga conference in UAE, Alexa) Please feel free to contact me for your upcoming voice-over project!