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My rich baritone voice brings life to narration.
I have a rich baritone voice which I can inflect for dramatic effect. The past four years I have spent immersed in Turkish, Greek, Costa Rican, Spanish, and Italian cultures and have learned to effectively communicate with people who speak very little English. Often it is the pace of the words or the tone used that makes the difference and this helps me immensely with voice over projects. My studio is currently located in Italy and some of my clients include: DominiGames Playfish Media Integrity Images Ed Robinson - Author Novel: Banner Elk Breeze Novel: Blue Ridge Breeze Novel: Beech Mountain Breeze Lee Davies - Author Cookbook: Strait From Santa's Allotment Alex Wong - Author Amazon Book Description Hacks: An Author's Guide To Boosting Your Ranking And Sales Chris J. Brodie - Author Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers Prep Guide Creative House Group Kalead Media House Randall Reilly LANE Media & Productions CCFilms


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