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The Voice of the Girl Next Door
I studied voice control, script interpretation, and audio editing at Voicetrax SF in Sausalito, CA. There, I also trained under voice actor Doug Boyd for two years. Since my start, I've gained six years of experience voicing anything from marketing and promotional materials for myriad of companies, nonprofits and organizations large and small, to primary video game characters, software tutorials, voice messaging systems, phone pranks, and everything in between. I have a young, occasionally croaky, warm voice with a casual vibe that can be classed up for strictly professional contexts or spiked with a sarcastic edge. I imitate countless accents, ages, styles, and tones, and I take direction well. I'm probably right for your project, whatever it may be. What are we waiting for? Let's get started.

Wonderful job and great pivot with the revision notes. Perfect.