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Professional, conversational, engaging, warm & strong voice.
Voice over pro with experience in improv, presentations, TV/radio ads, product videos, phone systems, and more. I've delivered 1000's of projects spanning from Fortune 100 company presentations, Kickstarter campaign videos, and both local & international radio and TV spots. (you've probably already heard my voice :)) I'm also a seasoned entrepreneur and sales manager with experience giving sales presentations and business pitches when the stakes are high, and performance is critical. Please review my VB samples and read reviews for more details on the excellent quality of my work and commitment to meeting the projects goals. If we work together and you like my work, please leave a quick review :) thanks! Clients Include: Amazon Microsoft Dell Salesforce OptumCare General Mills Chevron McDonalds Accenture Deloitte Comfortable Boxers Company Security First Insurance