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Need to find a voice-over gender-age that’s just what your script calls for? Then look no further, because we’ve got a wide range of choices that span every possibility. Whatever your project needs, our talented roster of over 28,000 voice actors and actresses can get it done for you.

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Over time, we’ve proudly curated a diverse selection of vocal talent. If you’re crafting a script or have a project in the pipeline, you can’t do any better than our incredible cast of talented voice actors. We’ve made every possibility easy to find and parse through so you just concern yourself with finding that one voice that perfectly matches what you’ve got in your head.

Our voice-over gender-age categories cover a broad spectrum of gender identities and ages that can work for every type of project imaginable. Whether you’ve got a serious corporate introduction video that’s all business and would benefit from a middle-aged male voice (authoritative, wise), or a happy-go-lucky bubblegum ad for YouTube where a child’s voice would be more fitting, we’ve employed a simple system that can help you find just what you need.

There’s nothing quite like the execution of a great script and a pitch-perfect performance. When both things are working together, the effect is persuasive and emotionally resonant for audiences. We’ve made it so that finding that one voice is more straightforward than ever.

It goes without saying that humans have a broad range of gender identities and ages that come across differently for audiences. Different demographics like being spoken to on their own term, and that’s where voice-over gender-age differences come into play. If you want to address young audiences about complex topics like gender identity, a gender-neutral young voice-over would be a great choice. Conversely, an insurance ad targeted to over-50s would probably be a hard sell with a high-pitched child’s voice.

Different ages also have different qualities that make audiences perceive them in varying ways. For instance, a senior male British voice may be well-suited to a nature documentary, but no so much for a narration about street skateboarding. A mid-30s female voice may be a great choice for a documentary about emotional intelligence, but not a perfect fit for an ad about retirement homes. We’ve made it so you can find the right voice-over gender-age for every imaginable project. The rest is up to you!